December 17, 2017 


We as African/Black people have been burdened in the Americas for over five centuries. We rise and organize against oppression when we meet it. We are often discouraged from fighting for liberation and seeking freedom. Our mothers and fathers keep us safe from a world considered not for the children of the enslaved or the undesired. A system of bondage often referred to as the Prison Industrial Complex, becomes a place where millions of us are held daily. Now the U.S government, through the F.B.I., have created a new terrorist classification known as the “Black Identity Extremist”. This conjured classification targets our political leadership and mirrors J. Edgar Hoover’s infamous COINTELPRO program of the 60’s and 70’s. Both programs have been specifically designed to disrupt and destroy black political organizations from achieving real equality and justice. 

On Monday morning at 5 am, the FBI and ATF kicked Rakem Balogun’s door down and took him into custody, on a seek and destroy mission in search for illegal weapons. Since that day he has been held captive; essentially kidnapped by the F.B.I. 

The F.B.I. report detailing the perceived BIE threat specifically discusses the shooting of Dallas police officers in July 2016. The document was prepared by the F.B.I Domestic Terrorism Analysis Unit and has shown an effort to “criminalize” political organizers with progressive and revolutionary ethics. The  Trump administration and prior Presidents have made their desire to derail black revolutionaries through declarations and actions crystal clear.  Our struggle as change agents is to instruct and liberate the masses with revolutionary discourse, and we will continue to do so. 

Simply, we have a love for our community and people that allow us sanctuary even in the midst of a fraudulent criminal justice system. Rakem Balogun is a co-founder of Geronimo Tactical, Huey P. Newton Gun Club, and a principal member of Guerrilla Mainframe. Our comrade has been a part of many discussions and activities for Black liberation. He synchronized security operations on April 2nd in South Dallas that ran BAIR, a right winged group of armed Trump supporters, out of the Black community and away from Mosque 48. Rakem has stood as an example for the community on issues such as political education, fratricide, and community development. He has been committed to the community, so we will be committed to him. 

We, the Rakem Balogun Defense Committee request that you materially and financially support our brother as he fights prosecution by the Federal Government. WE, GUERRILLA MAINFRAME, believe in our right to bear arms and to advocate for political freedom. Finally, we must state that we have had a number of visitations and issues as it relates to the FBI this year. The BIE classification has grown from a report on paper to a national investigation of Black Lives Matter and black gun ownership advocates. Rakem Balogun has been classified as B.I.E, we must defend him, stand with him as he has stood with us! 

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“If they come for me in the morning, they will come for you in the night.”- Angela Davis 

By Yafeuh Balogun Shamsid-Deen: 

Rakem Balogun Defense Committee 

Guerrilla Mainframe


  • Tarik Gordon
    Tarik Gordon
    Solid. Just coming across this page. Wish I would've known about this sooner. ✊?

    Solid. Just coming across this page. Wish I would've known about this sooner. ✊?

  • Jareth
    Jareth Chicago
    Fully with you on freeing Rakem! Id like to help spread the word. When is the trial for the gun charge?

    Fully with you on freeing Rakem! Id like to help spread the word. When is the trial for the gun charge?

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